travel-trailer-trials Justin & Sadie, one couple. Along with 2 dogs, Denali & Aurora. 2 cats, Cordova & Collins. Kids. Living in 39 ft. of travel trailer space.
Follow us on our journeys in Alaska. Justin works as a mechanic for Cruz Construction & Sadie is a future-preschool teacher & writer.

Coldfoot to the Hot Spot, June 2010


Coldfoot, AK to the Hot Spot. 240 Miles round trip. Our mission? Living travel trailer glamour=dumping your septic & grey water tanks.

On our way we stopped at Finger Mountain about 45-50 miles south of Coldfoot.


Finger Mountain, pilots used to use the landmark to make sure they were on the correct route.


Justin climbed his way to the top of a rock formation at the Finger Mountain pull out.

After walking around the Finger Mountain area for a while, we hopped back into the truck. Then it was off to the Hot Spot to dump our tanks & fill our bellies.

We took care of business & dumped our waste, then LUNCH! It takes a couple tank emptying experiences before you can go from dumping to lunching.


The Hot Spot Cafe. Pretty cute for a stop along the Dalton Highway. Wish I had taken photos of our lunch, Justin had a jalapeno burger & I had a delicious chicken burger!

We ate our lunch, picked out some touristy goodies, a sweat shirt each, post cards, Hot Spot logo stickers & shot glasses for our collection. Then Coldfoot bound we were!

It was a very muddy journey back to Coldfoot, it had rained off & on for a couple of days. Which resulted in a road that was extremely muddy. The truck & trailer was covered when we got back…


The trailer after our round trip jaunt to the Hot Spot & back. Dalton mud!


Rear Dalton Highway mud view.


 Truck & trailer pre-mud, Finger Mountain pull out. Photo taken on our way south. Compare the trailer exterior in this photo to the ones above. That mud held on until we power washed everything in Wasilla at the end of the season, September.